Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

No more excuses

Christmas is now long gone but the first two weeks of 2011 weren't exactly spent in good spirit.
Over the holidays my inner clock somehow shifted towards the rhythm of an owl which wasn't helpful at all to start up training enthusiastically. Furthermore, it stopped snowing but kept on freezing, so all my training grounds were pure ice and I used this as a good excuse to rather go to the gym and pretend to do some good on the treadmill.

Last time I went out for a run was between christmas and new years eve, so at least let me fill you in on that one.
It was already dark outside and still snowing so I hit the streets throughout the city. Kept a steady pace, not rushing it, as that would have been dangerous anyway since you never know what's beneath the powdery white stuff on the ground.
The time after all was not impressive, but what was impressive was my new running gear. This compression turtle  neck was everything I had on the upper body but even at around 0 degrees I wasn't feeling uncomfortable. Important note though, this is no wondercloth, you still have to protect your head and hands against the cold.

So with that in mind and the ice gone, there aren't any excuses left.
It will be a mere semi-marathon distance with lots of mean obstacles to accomplish and that's the goal.